sharedrive is a simple place to share your Work Project Files that is uploaded to your Google Drive.
What is file sharing? File sharing is the public or private sharing of files or folders on a computer connected to a network. Files can easily be shared outside a network via removable media, but the term file sharing almost always refers to sharing files on a network. File sharing allows several people to use the same file data. Some users may be able to create and modify files depending on access permissions, while others may only have read access or even no access.
Types of file sharing There are countless file sharing varieties, but most of the file sharing systems available fall into one of two categories -- operating system file sharing or internet file sharing. Operating system file sharing Nearly any modern operating system provides integrated file sharing capabilities. For example, Windows supports file sharing using server message block (SMB). An administrator can share a folder on Microsoft's Resilient File System (ReFS), which makes the folder accessible through the SMB protocol.